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A trading bridge between two great cultures

Italy and the UK

Why invest in Italy?

Having a business in Italy is about continuing a millennial history of two countries that have shaped the world.

The possibility of communicating and sharing our cultures through an established business relationship is an invaluable opportunity.


Expand a business already operating in the Italian market

You can extend a solid bond based on culture, collaboration and innovation. And there are numerous advantages:


To take over existing commercial agreements by bringing your own improvement and showing your ideas to a loyal customer base.


To bypass a potential competitor, having a clear idea of your own business that can be expanded internationally, starting directly from an already existing and safe market position.


To minimise the business risk associated with the uncertainties of starting a business from scratch. In fact, by using the organisation and equipment of the previous management, it is possible to reduce the physiological time needed for starting up and have a faster return on investment, also linked to the economic flow between pound and euro.

expand your business in a stable market with attractive growth potential and a stimulating business environment.

Acquiring an Italian company is a unique opportunity

Unity in the present and into the future

Acquiring an established business in Italy means winning strategic partnerships for business growth and access to new markets

Innovation and support

The Carefin method

Our aim is to allow our clients to acquire leading companies in the Italian market, selected after careful investigation. We guarantee mediation between supply and demand, achieving full satisfaction of both parties.

The best investment opportunities

On our portal we list all the best investment opportunities in Italy with a detailed description of the activity and the prospect of future earnings.

Solid basis and a successful company

Basically, we give you the opportunity to enter the Italian market with a solid basis and a successful company.

Impeccable service

Quality, reliability and impeccable service are the typical values of our two cultures and constitute the foundation of our mission.


Setting up your own business requires effort, commitment, human and financial resources and the patience to wait for the desired results.

Taking over an already operating business or enterprise provides many benefits and important competitive advantages.

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